Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why the emphasis on things Chinese

1 in 4 of the living person on earth is Chinese. China used to be the most developed contry in the world, but was overtaken by the Western country when it became too inward looking and became complacent. Now with the opening up of China, it may again take its place as a leading country of the world.

(note: Instruction to implement expandable post summary was given in this post: Expandable Post Summary for New Blogger, but with this method, the link "Read More" appears even for short post. This short post and blog is published mainly to test the peekaboo expandable post summary to see if the "Read More" link appears for short posts. If after this, the "Read More" link is not visible, that means the hack works as intended.

Update: There is no "Read More" link in this short post, so it shows that the hack is working.

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Celine & Co. said...

I still can see the "Read More" link at the bottom of the post. Does it mean that the Expandable Post Summary does not work on short post (i.e. the link will always be shown)?