Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chinese Coffee?

What exactly is Chinese Coffee?

That is a real good question - "what is Chinese coffee?". Chinese are known for drinking Chinese tea, the sugarless type, not the English tea contaminated with unhealthy sugar and milk or creamer. Well, the most famous "Chinese Coffee" is not real coffee at all. It is a well known play by Ira Lewis made into a film for the Tribeca Film Festival, starring Al Pacino and Jerry Orbach.

Ipoh White coffee made by Chinese

Don't know if you would call this Chinese coffee because it goes by the name of "Ipoh white coffee", but it was invented by the Chinese proprietor of Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia and highly popular with tin mine workers in the 19th century. Ipoh White Coffee has now spread far and wide and is now even available in instant variety.

Do Chinese drink coffee?

Now that is not a good question, but a silly one. Of course!!! Chinese are just another race of the human species. I am Chinese myself, and I drink coffee. However, I don't particularly go for the Ipoh white coffee. I go for the regular black ones. But I am also that sub-species of human which may perhaps go by its scientific name "lazy human" or something like that. I prefer convenience, but not to the extend of purchasing instant coffer or the now highly popular and highly over-prized 3-in-1 types. I prefer coffee powder, but I don't like the time consuming, traditional way of making coffee boiling it, then filtering off the coffee powder. Give me a coffee maker anytime. Add coffee powder, water, switch on, and go back to my computer. No messy cleaning of filters, etc.

Krups DuoThek 324 20-Cup Coffee MakerBut there are so many brands of coffee makers. However, out of all these brands, there is the Krups coffee maker. Krups is a German kitchen appliance manufacturer that is the world's leading manufacturer of coffee and espresso machines. And everyone knows the German reputation for technical expertise and manufacturing reliable products. According to the above products review website which uses WIZERANK, a simple number form 0 to 100, 0 being the worst and 100 being the best, the highest ranked Krups coffee maker is Krups DuoThek 324 20-Cup Coffee Maker with a WIZERANK of 94, which places it in the "buy with confidence" category. However, that is a 20 cups coffee maker, and I can't drown 20 cups of coffee in a day, much less in a single sitting. This Krups FME4 12-Cup Coffee Maker might be more suitable for my small family plus my bank account as its price range is only from $55 to $90 compared with $190 to $229 for the Krups DuoThek 324 20-Cup Coffee Maker although it has a lower WIZERANK of 87 which still places it in the category of "Might meet your needs" which to me is sufficient as what I want is for my needs to be met, and other factors are less important.


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