Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chinese in America

Chinese first started migrating to the United State of America, but the significant number of Chinese immigrants only started arriving in the States in 1848 during the California gold rush. Majority are male with low educational qualifications from the Guangdong province (who speak the Cantonese dialect). I understand they were not very well treated. In fact, Chinese were banned from migrating to the United States of America from 1885 to as recent as 1965 when the Immigration Reform and Control Act removed the ban. Racial relationship have since improved tremendously since then. Much of that I think is due to the fact that most Chinese are hardworking and do not like to interfere in the affairs of a country to which they have migrated and only want to be left alone to live their life.

However, according to a A 2001 survey of Americans' attitudes toward Chinese Americans showed that 68% of the those who responded to the survey negative or very negative attitude toward Chinese Americans. There are some positive result though. The study found that 91% had positive perceptions of Chinese Americans' strong family values, 77% had positive perceptions of Chinese Americans' honesty as business people and 67% had positive perceptions of Chinese Americans' high value on education.

Many Chinese reside in cities like Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Houston, Plano, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Portland. In fact I myself have a nephew in Dallas, and niece in Houston and a distant nephew who did his tertiary education in Houston and frequently travel there. I also have a sister-in-law in Yuma, Arizona, but whose husband now works as a Pharmacist in Las Vegas. Chinese Americans represent nearly three percent of the population of California. You can find many Chinese restaurants spread all over the United States of America. My sister-in-law in Yuma in fact, owns a Chinese restaurant there.

Prominent Chinese Americans

Some Chinese Americans have succeeded in making some headway in American politics. Among them are Gary Locke, the first Chinese American governor in the United States, March Fong Eu, Hiram Fong, Thomas Tang, Daniel Akaka, Matt Fong, David Wu, Norman Bay, Elaine Chao and Leland Yee.

Others have done well in business. Some of them are Rupert Jee who owned of the Hello Deli and had made many appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, Andrea Jung, the Chief Executive Officer of Avon products, Charles Wang, the founder and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Computer Associates, An Wang, the computer engineer and inventor who co-founded the Wang Laboratories, and Alex Chiu, an eccentric promoter.

Many Chinese Americans have also done well in the scientific field, and in my field Physics I can count among them some Nobel laureate in Physics - Paul C. W. Chu (superconductivity), Steven Chu, Tsung-dao Lee, Samuel C. C. Ting, Daniel Chee Tsui, and last but not least - Chen Ning Yang.

And don't forget Ieoh Ming Pei, better known as I. M. Pei, a Pritzker Prize-winning Chinese American architect, considered as one of the most successful architects of the 20th century who have designed famous buildings all over the world.

Louvre and Louvre Pyramid
Photo of Louvre Pyramid is property of Stephen Carlile

The one I like best is shown above, the glass Louvre Pyramid in Paris, New York. Others include a landmark of Hong Kong, the Bank of China Tower, Raffles City in Singapore, The Gateway also in Singapore, Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan, Miho Museum, near Kyoto, also in Japan, Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Essensa East Forbes in Fort Bonifacio, Philippines, Tour EDF in La Défense, France, Torre Espacio in Madrid, Spain, Museum of Islamic Arts in Doha, Qatar, plus a very long list of projects in the United States of America itself.

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