Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chinese Billionaire on Spock People Search Engine

Just found out about, a people search engine. Very interesting. All of us knows about Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, etc. I even found out about Dogpile search engine from a Fullbright scholar which search many other search engines at one go, a kind of compound search engine. I have also published about a post on Technorati blog search engine. But a people search engine? I can really use a search engine like this. I can search for anything connected with Chinese and write numerous posts about what I found.

For example, I search for "Chinese billionaire" and got Spock search result page for "Chinese billionaire". At the very top was Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo! together with David Filo. The thing that tickled me was to see one of the related person was the current President of the United States of America, George W. Bush. How was Jerry Yang related to George Bush? "Supported Politician". I just think some people would be mighty disappointed,

I don't think the order in which Chinese billionaires are listed in order of their wealth, as I am quite sure there are other Chinese billionaires who are more wealthy than Jerry Yang. Reasons? Perhaps they didn't sign up for Spock search engine. Also, ranking is influenced by others voting on the relevance and accuracy of tags, websites, etc.

There is this famous cosmetic surgery Tuck/Nip TV series and I was hoping to find a Chinese actor in the Spock search result page for "Tuck/Nip actor" and was very disappointed not to find even a single one. The nearest was a Japanese Tuck/Nip actor. Well, we know how difficult for Chinese to break into the Hollywood circle and American TV, so by right it should not be a surprise to me. However, according to, Nip/Tuck is getting ready for its season-five premiere on October 30, so let us be optimistic that somehow a Chinese would get cast in the series as I am sure there are American Chinese cosmetic surgeons.

The show creator Ryan Murphy was quoted as saying they will be scouring online message boards, particularly, so that he can get an idea of what fans like and don't like. Well, I think I will hop over to, register as a user, make a suggestion to include a Chinese actor as it is said that 1 in 4 of the living residents of Earth is ethnic Chinese and I am sure there are American Chinese plastic surgeons and according to Wikipedia, the Chinese American community is the second largest ethnic group of Asian Americans at 22.4% of the Asian American population.


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