Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Famous Chinese Chef

I am still trying to find out what this site is all about. From preliminary examination, it looks like some kind of people search engine. I see a link chef right at the top of the page and thought I would like to try searching for some well known Chinese Chef.

Update: that link I mentioned above changes with time. The last time I look at the site again, it was a link for "Billionaire"

I type the search term "Wok with Yan" which is a famous, humorous and popular Chinese cooking TV series by Canadian Chinese chef Stephen Yan. My search led to many Stephen Yan's, but the very first one linked to the real Stephen Yan of "Wok with Yan". Wok is a Chinese frying pan in the shape of a dish or pan, rather like the pan the gold hunter pan for gold. Wok (rhyme with walk) and the word "Wok" in the title of the TV cooking series is a play with words, for it could refer to "walking with Yan" as he show, in a humorous manner, how to cook various Chinese dishes, or it could also refer to "cooking with Yan" as wok is associated with cooking.

According to Wikipedia, "Wok with Yan" was first produced in Vancouver, Canada, from 1980 to 1982 by CBC with a second edition in the early 1990s. The popular cooking TV series was syndicated internationally in United States, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore for years and although "Wok with Yan" is no longer in production, episodes continue to be rerun on Omni Television. I know because I live in one of these countries and have watched the funny Stephen Yan cooking his Chinese dishes on TV.

I know they say 1 in 4 of living person on earth are ethnic Chinese, we should not be so inward looking as only to consider things Chinese, for there are more things in life than just things Chinese.

There is an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning American television medical drama series called Nip/Tuck (nip and tuck are cosmetic surgery operations) which features the lives of 2 Miami plastic surgeons Sean McNamara (actor Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (actor Julian McMahon). If you try searching for Nip/Tuck actor, you will get to Nip/Tuck actor - Spock Search and the first two shows the main actors Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh followed by other minor actors in the Nip/Tuck TV series.

Now that I know how Spock Search works, I made a search for "Google Blogger", the blogging platform I used for all my blogs and found the page for Meg Hourihan who co-founded Pyra Labs. Pyra Labs is the company which created Blogger and is the one mainly responsible for first making blogging easy and popular. Pyra Labs has since being bought over by Google. On that page, at the bottom, I have added my blog Blogger Tips and Tricks which is very popular with bloggers looking for tips and tricks for their Blogger blogs and from which they obtained information which many commented is informative, well explained, easy to understand and to implement, etc., to Meg Hourihan's page. If you surf to that site, you will see a "On the Web" Section under which I see 4 logos one of which is the Blogger small Blogger logo logo, beside which is the word "blogspot" and next to that is a down arrow. If you click the down arrow, you will see

If you go to that page not too long after this post is published, you will only see one link which will link to my main popular Blogger (blogspot) blog, and below that you can vote if you find the link relevant to Meg Hourihan's page. I hope you vote yes because my blog Blogger Tips and Tricks provides all kind of information on Blogger which Meg Hourihan's Pyra Labs created.

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